Designed by Savinel & Roze
Baccarat Crystal, Beluga Highball Glasses, Pair
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Item# 2104389B
Size: H: 5 1/2" Cap: 12oz.
The Beluga Crystal Highball, designed for Baccarat Crystal, by Savinel and Roze, is the perfect glass in which to sip and enjoy your whiskey. Just as whiskey, a spirit whose quality is strictly regulated is about the art of distillation, Baccarat Crystal, is about the art of crafting the finest clear crystal. Be it single malt or cask strength, first-rate whiskey merits the finery of a Baccarat Crystal, Highball. The lovely circular motif at the base of the Beluga Crystal Highball glass creates a dappled effect that makes the experience of drinking all the more multifaceted. The Beluga Whiskey Crystal Decanter is a perfect complement to create a perfect whiskey bar set.
Baccarat Crystal

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