Baccarat Crystal, Harmonie Ice Bucket with Stainless Steel Handles
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Item# 1894083B
Size: H: 4 7/8" Cap: 35.25oz.
The Harmonie clear crystal ice bucket has a stainless steel handle and features the sweep of vertical striping characteristic of the Harmonie barware collection. Parallel vertical lines travel cleanly along the silhouette from the lip to the thick base, the streamlined form like a thick clear crystal column. The stripes are subtly yet precisely etched into the clear crystal surface of the glass. Not only do they bring a textural quality, but they also create a depth of form that is visually resplendently the more so when the bucket is full of cold, glistening ice. The Harmonie collection of barware extends to Crystal Highballs, tumblers, and both Round and Square Whiskey Crystal Decanters. All of these pieces complement a well-stocked bar for the smoothest of drinking experiences.
Baccarat Crystal

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