Baccarat Crystal, Harmonie Crystal Pitcher
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Item# 1343300B
Size: H: 8 3/4" Cap: 49.125oz.
This Baccarat Crystal, clear crystal Harmonie Crystal Pitcher has a streamlined silhouette and an elegantly curved handle and spout. Parallel vertical lines travel cleanly along the silhouette finely grazing the clear crystal form from the lip to the base.
This linear emphasis evokes a thick clear crystal column. The stripes are subtly yet precisely etched into the clear crystal surface, showcasing the three-dimensionality of the Crystal Pitcher and creating a visual depth to the liquid within.

The vertical sweep of the striping is present throughout the Harmonie collection, which includes Crystal Highballs and tumblers and other pieces to complete a well-stocked bar.
The Harmonie Crystal Pitcher is a stunning item that makes having a drink all the more enjoyable.
Baccarat Crystal

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