Baccarat Crystal, Massena Ice Bucket
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Item# 1894089B
Size: H: 4 7/8" Cap: 31.5oz.
The deep bevel cuts, which are characteristic of the Massena bar collection, irradiate upward from the base. These deep cuts create an incredibly beautiful optical effectall the more so when the bucket is full of cold, glistening ice. The polished stainless steel handle complements the Clear crystal with a modern sheen. This artfully beveled silhouette adds visual splendor to any festive soire.

Baccarat Crystal Massena barware extends to Crystal Highballs, tumblers, and Crystal Decanters, each of which share the ice buckets textural qualities. For a well-stocked bar, the Massena ice bucket is a must for celebratory occasions. Stainless steel handles.
Baccarat Crystal

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