Designed by Savinel & Roze
Baccarat Crystal Lalande Clock
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Item# 2100263B
Size: H: 3" W: 3.25"
A distinguished accessory handcrafted from Baccarat Crystal, clear crystal, the Lalande Crystal Clock brings rippling symmetry and translucent beauty to any household or office. The Lalande Crystal Clock features an elaborately undulating form that creates a magnificent optical effect when it interplays with the light. The circular white Crystal Clock face is minimalist, with Baccarat Crystal, discreetly written in elegant cursive.

The classical design of the Crystal Clock is as timeless as it is timely. This desk accessory was created for Baccarat Crystal, by Savinel and Roze, who have created various home decor and tableware pieces for the brand. The stunning Lalande pencil holder shares the Crystal Clock gorgeous luminescence and entrancing beveled silhouette.
Baccarat Crystal

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