Baccarat Marie Coquine Chandelier, 12 Light
Baccarat Crystal, Marie Coquine 12 Light Chandelier
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Item# 2608059B
Size: H: 41" W: 48.75"

Philippe Starck has assembled a very peculiar inventory, singular both scale and concept. The components include a clear crystal 12-light Zenith chandelier, 12 incandescent bulbs, 12 white Crystal Lampshades, and an ivory canvas umbrella with a chestnut wood handle signed by Baccarat Crystal, and Starck. Boasting an unforgettable visual impact, the surrealist and poetic Crystal Lamp showcases Starck's iconoclastic humor and originality. More than a light source, Marie Coquine is a veritable sculpture and contemporary art piece. The Marie Coquine chandelier is also a true collectors item. Marie Coquine Collection By Philippe Starck.

Baccarat Crystal

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