Baccarat Crystal Oenologie Champagne Flute Glasses, Pair
Baccarat Crystal Oenologie Champagne Flute Glasses, Pair
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Item# 2100297B
Size: H: 11" Cap: 10oz.

The Oenologie Champagne Crystal Flute is a stunningly crafted piece. The silhouette is unexpected for this variety of stemware, as a Crystal Champagne Crystal Flute typically features a narrow and slender bowl. Instead, the interior part of the Champagne Crystal Flute has subtle fluting, which gradually descends and protrudes into the stem in a tiny conical form.

It is a stunning piece of stemware, and an unanticipated take on classical design. Clean, sophisticated and sleek, this Champagne Crystal Flute enables you to enjoy the finest bubbly and toast the finer things in life. The Oenologie collection includes additional bar and stemware, such as the Oenologie Crystal Beer glass, a variety of tasting Crystal Glasses, and a Crystal Decanter.

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