Baccarat Mille Nuits Short Stem White Wine Glass, No. 3, Single
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Item# 2104721B
Size: H: 5.9" Cap: 5.7oz.

The striping pattern is also perceptible on the foot of the glass, irradiating from the stem. The elegant diamond-cut piece of crystal at the center is the signature flourish of the Mille Nuits stemware. It sits between the base of the bowl and the foot of the glass, uniting the two sections. Mille Nuits stemware is also available in the form of champagne flutes, which are produced in a wide variety of vivid colors. The Mille Nuits collection also extends to Tableware, in the form of decanters and plates, and to Home Decor, in the form of chandeliers, lamps, and candelabras.

Baccarat Crystal

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