Chateau Baccarat Champagne Flutes
Chateau Baccarat Crystal, Degustation Champagne Crystal Flute, Pair
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Item# 2611149B
Size: H: 9 1/2" Cap: 7oz.
The Chateau Baccarat Crystal, Champagne Crystal Flute has a sharp aesthetic and contemporary design that expertly melds form and function.

Inspired by the taste-vin silhouette that sommeliers use, the tall Crystal Bowl is wide and has a V-cut base, which allows the bubbles to rise seamlessly. The tapered lip enables the flavor to fill the vessel with a concentration of sparkling aromatic richness. The Chateau Baccarat Crystal, Champagne Crystal Flute takes into account the changes in the Crystal Wine market and has, accordingly, crafted a stylish and cunning shape. Perfectly suited to the discerning vintage connoisseur, this sophisticated stemware is worthy of any celebratory occasion or festive soiree. The Chateau Baccarat Crystal, Wine Glasses, tumbler and Crystal Decanter fill out the set with their equally exquisite form.
Baccarat Crystal

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