Baccarat Crystal, Massena American Water Glass, Single
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Item# 1344101B
Size: H: 7 1/2" Cap: 12.38oz.

Baccarat Crystal, Massena American Crystal Red Wine Glass, Single
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Item# 1344102B
Size: H: 6 7/8" Cap: 8.75oz.

Baccarat Crystal, Massena American Crystal White Wine Glass, Single
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Item# 1344103B
Size: H: 6 3/8" Cap: 6.88oz.

Baccarat Crystal, Massena Euro White Wine Glass, Single
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Item# 1344104B
Size: H: 5 7/8" Cap: 6.38oz.

Baccarat Crystal, Massena Champagne Crystal Flute, Single
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Item# 1344109B
Size: 8 1/2", 5.4oz.

5 2/5 oz.

The Massena collection showcases Baccarat Crystal, meticulous craftsmanship.

Deep rogue bevel cuts are etched directly into the clear crystal, irradiating from the foot of the glass to the base of the narrow Crystal Bowl.
The intricate detailing gives the Massena glass a barrel-like appearance. This, in turn, puts the smooth upper half in sharp relief.

The polished silhouette and prismatic qualities make it worthy of any festive occasion or special soiree.
The Crystal Champagne Crystal Flute is just one component of the Massena bar and tableware collection, which encompasses Crystal Wine Glasses, Crystal Highball Crystal Glasses, tumblers, and a Crystal Decanter.
All pieces from the Massena collection share a scrupulously textural quality.

This collection was named after an illustrious Field Marshall of France during the reign of Napoleon I. Napoleon had nicknamed him "The Cherished Child of Victory."

Hand made in France.

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Baccarat Crystal

Baccarat Crystal has, from the beginning, affixed its signature on strong works illustrating all the facets of artistic craftsmanship and covering a vast repertoire of inspiration.

In 1764 King Louis XV of France gave Bishop Montmorency-Laval of Metz permission to found a glassworks in the village of Baccarat located in Lorraine in eastern France.

The creations of great artists inspired by the magic of crystal are all magnificent stones brought together into building the Art de Vivre collection.

This is how Baccarat perpetuates the great French tradition of a cosmopolitan art of living. Envisioned by Philippe Starck, the Baccarat House in Paris, home to the brand's headquarters, is a meeting place for its most beautiful creations and one of its most beautiful manifestations.

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