Baccarat Crystal, Abysse Crystal Caviar Service
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Item# 2604136B
Size: H: 7.75" W: 15.75"

The Harcourt Abysse caviar set, created for Baccarat Crystal, by Thomas Bastide in a 30s-era design, showcases the purity and architectural beauty of Baccarat Crystal

The Crystal Bowls stunning flat cuts are anchored by the hexagonal motif, the signature of the Harcourt Abysse collection, at the base of the Crystal Bowl. The caviar set is composed of one round crystal caviar Crystal Bowl (which holds 500g of caviar), ten Harcourt Abysse vodka shot Crystal Glasses, and a large Crystal Bowl that contains all the other elements.
Ice may easily be placed under the polished stainless steel panel of the large Crystal Bowl, so as to keep the caviar and vodka chilled.

The Harcourt Abysse caviar set is the most elegant way to consume delicious roe with friends or relatives. This delicacy tastes even more extravagant on a modern piece of beautiful Clear crystal.

Baccarat Crystal

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