Baccarat Crystal, 4.63" Arabesque Crystal Bowl
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Item# 2103573B
Size: H: 2.88" W: 4.63"

The Baccarat Crystal, clear crystal Arabesque Crystal Bowl has a great variety of detailing that accentuates the striking artistry of Baccarat Crystal, savoir-faire. The rim of the Crystal Bowl rises and falls in tiny waves. Just below these clear-cut crests, a thick belt of geometric swirls wreathes its way around the Crystal Bowl. This intricate garland is hemmed in by the clear Crystal Crosshatching that decorates the underside of the Crystal Bowl. Baccarat Crystal, Arabesque dessert plates share the Arabesque Crystal Bowl same elaborate detailing and scalloped edges.

Handcrafted full-lead crystal made in France. Hand wash.

Also see the Arabesque Plates.

Baccarat Crystal

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