Baccarat Crystal, Missouri Mustard Jar with Spoon
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Item# 1837180B
Size: H: 4.5"
The stunning Missouri mustard jar showcases Baccarat Crystal, rigor of form and beautiful craftsmanship with tableware pieces. The mustard jar comes with an accompanying Baccarat Crystal, clear crystal spoon. This jar is a beautiful item from which to serve any condiment or complementary sauce during a meal, as the clear crystal contrasts magnificently with the vividness of the mustard or other contained condiment. The Missouri mustard jar is just as readily a standalone decorative piece. The bell-shaped lid is topped with a round knob, and the curved contours of the Crystal Bowl stand out against the angularity of the crystal spoon, which extends outward at a 45-degree angle from the symmetrical form. A Baccarat Crystal, clear crystal jam jar is also available.
Baccarat Crystal

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