Baccarat Crystal, Louxor 8" Vase, Red
Baccarat Crystal, Louxor 8" Vase, Red
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Size: H: 7.88"

Baccarat Crystal crystal Louxor Crystal Vase captures light. Its beauty is enhanced with every flicker of illumination reflected on a diamond-cut surface.

As the light interacts with the crystal, it creates an incredible, almost psychedelic, optical effect that scintillates brilliantly and shimmers radiantly. Referencing Art Deco-era design, this lavish cut crystal surface scatters the crystal reflections.
The subtle gradients of precise geometric cuts embody Baccarat Crystal fine craftsmanship: the three-dimensional surface is composed of pyramidal shapes, with a vertical garden motif on the interior. Inspired by Ancient Egypt and its architecture, the Louxor vase created by Thomas Bastide transforms each bouquet into an exceptional composition.

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Baccarat Crystal

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