Baccarat Crystal, Colombine 3 1/2" Crystal Vase
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Item# 2100928B
Size: H: 3.5"

Baccarat Crystal, clear crystal Columbine Crystal Vase is a stunningly architectural piece. Two tiers encircle the center of the Crystal Vase in a thick band of beveled pyramidal structures. Illustrating Baccarat Crystal, exceptional craftsmanship and rigor of form, the three-dimensional surface appears to burst with graphic precision. The multifaceted facade creates an incredible optical effect, refracting and scattering the light off of the sharply angular contours. The square-cut neck and base create a symmetrical equilibrium that balances the striking silhouette. The neck of the Crystal Vase is amply wide yet structured, enabling an array of floral arrangements. The beauty of the Columbine Crystal Vase is a masterful example of Baccarat Crystal, brilliant design, finesse of form, and immaculate clear crystal.

Handcrafted full-lead crystal made in France. Hand wash.

Baccarat Crystal

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