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Swarovski Necklace Extender Chain, Ruthenium
Swarovski Necklace Extender Chain, RutheniumSale
Item # 904188
Now Only $8.00
Swarovski Curiosa Earrings, Green, Pair
Swarovski Curiosa Earrings, Green, Pair
Item # 5599880
Pair $250.00
Swarovski Lucent Hoop Earrings, Green
Swarovski Lucent Hoop Earrings, GreenNew
Item # 5633953
Swarovski Lucent Hoop Earrings, Pink
Swarovski Lucent Hoop Earrings, PinkNew
Item # 5600786
Swarovski Curiosa Earrings, Pink, Pair
Swarovski Curiosa Earrings, Pink, Pair
Item # 5599876
Pair $250.00
Swarovski Dulcis Necklace, Green
Swarovski Dulcis Necklace, Green
Item # 5601585
Swarovski Lucent Hoop Earrings, Blue
Swarovski Lucent Hoop Earrings, BlueNew
Item # 5633950

Swarovski Crystal Jewelry Warranty and Repair Information
In 1977, Swarovski first entered the jewelry and fashion market, starting with the United States. More than a decade later, it spread to Great Britain and the rest of Europe. The fantastic, subtle jewelry pieces have enthused fashionistas and classic jewelry lovers alike and have placed Swarovksi's jewelry among the most cherished in today's fashion world.
All electroplated pieces are backed by Swarovski's two year warranty, and the stones are the finest full lead crystal diamonds set in high quality jewelry settings.

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