Lenox LX Remix Blue 4 Piece Accent Plate Set
Lenox LX Remix Blue 4 Piece Accent Plate Set
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Item# 893889L
Size: Diameter: 8.5"

We're beyond excited to unveil LX Remix: a classic-meets-contemporary collection that's vintage Lenox with a twist. We're bringing back our past in vibrant fashion with bold colors mixed with our legendary patterns. These blue accent plates feature a flourishing yellow border in our iconic Westchester vase motif from 1915. Westchester is one of our most distinguished collections that even caught the eye of First Lady Edith Wilson. She loved it so much that she commissioned Lenox to create dinnerware for the White House back in 1918. This four-piece set honors that legacy and gives it a modern update with its durable porcelain craftsmanship that's dishwasher safe and perfect for everyday use. We added a gold trim around the artwork to give it that beautiful, luxe finish you love. Think of LX Remix as a bridge between vintage Lenox and modern day...with just a century or so in between!

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