Lladro Mokuren Chandelier
Lladro Mokuren Chandelier
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MOKUREN / LIGHTING WITH SOUL - Mokuren is the result of the first collaboration between Lladro and Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa, who is known for combining craftsmanship and design. For this work, Fukasawa has been inspired by the white magnolia tree, which symbolizes eternal bonds, and the striking beauty of its flowers. As the author himself says, "when I saw the flower and thought of white porcelain, its texture and qualities, I automatically composed the idea in my head." Thus, Mokuren was born, a chandelier that combines the essential ingredients of the work of the Japanese artist and Lladro: nature, craftsmanship and design. All the flowers that compose Mokuren are handmade. The warm light that filters through the translucent porcelain of its petals generates an enveloping illumination. Its structure, as complex as it is poetic, represents the branches of the magnolia tree and is made of black lacquered aluminum. Its LED lighting can be regulated in intensity. Mokuren is light itself and illuminates, it is Kogei (craftsmanship) and design.


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