Moser Crystal 10.6" Globe Vase with Horses, Limited Edition
Moser Crystal 10.6" Globe Vase with Horses, Limited Edition
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Item# V-GB-30308-1-00
Size: H: 10.6"

A globe-shaped vase cut into 10-12 facets complements the atmosphere of your home. Available in two heights, with or without a gold etched border. Vases can be rendered in any of Mosers translucent colours in addition to clear. Precisely engraved Horses emphasize the beauty of this vase and give evidence of the mastery of the Mosers engravers. Hand blown of ecologically friendly lead-free crystal. Hand cut, hand engraved and hand polished to a high gloss. The vase bears the Moser logo, is signed by the author and signed Certificate of Authenticity is provided.

Moser art glass sculptures and home decor arise from the creative genius of visionary designers, then take form at the hands of preeminent glass blowers, engravers, cutters and gilders. Together they create vibrant works of art found worldwide in the finest stores, art galleries and proud personal roosts, from castles and country cottages to royal palaces and urban households.

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