Moser Crystal 11.8" Ornament Vase, Limited Edition
Moser Crystal 11.8" Ornament Vase, Limited Edition
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Item# V-OR-30300-1-DVL
Size: H: 11.8"

Original of this vase from 1880 is placed in Glassmuseum Passau, Germany. Vase was again made on the occasion of 160 years anniversary of the Moser glassworks. Apart from using electric furnaces, Jan Janecky, Master painter worked using the same procedures like his predecessors almost 100 years ago. A vase painted with enamels and gold. A well-developed, subtle, plan decoration with bold ornamenting in the shape of stylised flowers. A period piece.
Limited Edition of 100.

Moser art glass sculptures and home decor arise from the creative genius of visionary designers, then take form at the hands of preeminent glass blowers, engravers, cutters and gilders. Together they create vibrant works of art found worldwide in the finest stores, art galleries and proud personal roosts, from castles and country cottages to royal palaces and urban households.

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