Nambe Christmas Nativity Holy Family, 4 Piece Set
Nambe Christmas Nativity Holy Family, 4 Piece Set
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Item# 5163N
Size: 8 1/2"

Simple yet so emotive, our handcrafted Nativity scene casts its magic on gift recipients. Mary kneeling and Joseph standing, heads bowed, and baby Jesus lying on a rustic crib, are sand-cast of our enduring metal alloy and polished to a reflective gleam. The holy family inhabits their world-recognized stance in front of a beautifully arched creche of carved wood. Imagine the serene pleasure of unwrapping each piece for the Christmas season after their being tucked away in storage the rest of the year. Let these modern yet timeless figurines and their evocative backdrop grace your house or that of someone you love, year after year.

Designed by Todd Weber.

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