Nambe Scoop Server Mini

Designed by Wei Young

Nambe Metal Mini Scoop Chip and Dip
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Item# MT0369N
Size: 5 1/2"


5 1/2"H x 7"D

Top: 2 Oz.
Bottom: 20 Oz.

Ideal for intimate gatherings and small surfaces, the exquisite Mini Scoop Server is a graceful blend of form and function that keeps hors d'oeuvre pairings together. Use it for nuts and olives, dips and chips, chocolate medleys, and more. And when you’re not entertaining, fill the bottom with pebbles or dried flowers and place a tea light in the upper vessel—the sculptural lines of the scoop server make it a superb addition to contemporary spaces of all kinds. 

Nambe Alloy Metal Polish Kit
Kit   $22.00 2 oz. Add to Cart
Item# 902N
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