Orrefors Gin and Tonic Crystal Glasses, Set of Four
Orrefors Gin and Tonic Crystal Glasses, Set of Four
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Size: H: 7.87" W: 4.17" Cap: 22oz.

Strain that cool drink into an elegant, chilled gin and tonic glass, designed to trap the aromas. A roomy glass that does not merely enhance the flavor of the drink it also allows for plenty of ice to keep the drink cool and slices of fruit for taste and decor.

Shaken or stirred? Whichever you prefer, gin certainly isn't meant to be on its own. It needs a companion! Mix it and you will find the botanicals in the gin come to life and bring that zing to the drink. This is why so many classic cocktail drinks call for gin. Gin and Tonic is made of high quality, dishwasher safe crystal.

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View Orrefors Street by Jan Johansson Video

The hand-cut grid pattern of Street suggests Manhattan's famous street network, while the symmetrical decor lends an outspokenly masculine air to the series as a whole. Short video featuring Orrefors' preeminent barware collection.(16 sec)


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