Orrefors Difference Sweet Wine, Pair
Orrefors Difference Sweet Wine, Pair
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Size: H: 7.1" W: 3.15" Cap: 7.5oz.

Difference is designed with a fresh, unique perspective for the eyes. Here, the flavor experience is as essential as enjoyment for the eye and hand. Erika Lagerbielke consulted one of Sweden s leading sommeliers for help. Together, they explored the relationship between the shape of the glass and the experience of the flavor, aroma and color of the drink inside. The glasses in the Difference collection are based not on the grape from which the wine is made, but on the characteristics of the drink: Crisp, Fruit, Mature, Primeur, Sparkling or Sweet. This allows conversations over a Difference glass to be less about preconceived notions and more about what s most important: your wine-tasting experience. "

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The hand-cut grid pattern of Street suggests Manhattan's famous street network, while the symmetrical decor lends an outspokenly masculine air to the series as a whole. Short video featuring Orrefors' preeminent barware collection.(16 sec)


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