Orrefors Crystal, Beer Lager Glasses, Set of Four
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Item# 6312002
Size: H: 7.96" W: 3.35" Cap: 20oz.
Specifically developed glass that enhances the best of all the fragrant and flavorsome Crystal Beers. So no matter if you are looking for a more aroma, clearer bitter notes, a creamy head, milder carbonation and richer color or if you prefer great favor in rich and full body Crystal Beers Orrefors Crystal has the glass for you.
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View Orrefors Street by Jan Johansson Video

The hand-cut grid pattern of Street suggests Manhattan's famous street network, while the symmetrical decor lends an outspokenly masculine air to the series as a whole. Short video featuring Orrefors' preeminent barware collection.(16 sec)


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