Royal Doulton Pretty Ladies Birthstone Petites March, Aquamarine
Royal Doulton Pretty Ladies Birthstone Petites March, Aquamarine
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Size: H: 7.0" W: 6.5" L: 5.2"

The Birthstone Petites Collection of figurines from Royal Doulton, designed by renowned artist Neil Faulkner, draws upon the tradition of different birthstones associated with each month of the year. Represented by a gold necklace which holds a genuine, vibrant Swarovski crystal together with the same color reflected in the feminine floral pattern on her dress, each stone has its own symbolism thought to bring good luck and good health.With glossy long brown hair swept over one shoulder, soft features and blue eyes, March's birthstone is aquamarine, named after the Latin phrase ater of the seafor its vivid sea blue tones. Traditionally considered the treasure of the mermaids it was used by sailors as a good luck talisman for health protection and fearlessness. Aquamarine is also associated with eternal youth and happiness and its ethereal color makes it a popular jewelry choice. Embellishing the gold necklace of this elegant petite figure a stunning pale blue Swarovski crystal represents an aquamarine reflected in the pale blue floral detail of her gown.


Since 1904, the quintessentially English floral patterns of Royal Albert china have been a hallmark of the fine tableware experience, led by the best selling Old Country Roses Pattern. Royal Albert is at its best amid the delicate florals and nostalgic styling found in the popular vintage decor trends that speaks to the cheeky, romantic young consumer. The traditional appeal is updated with frivolity and playfulness for the woman who revels in the social delights of afternoon tea parties.

Inspired by its feminine charm and updated with youthful exuberance, Royal Albert introduces New Country Roses White and Pink, Rose Confetti, Polka Rose and Polka Blue in a multi-category lifestyle collection of formal and casual dinnerware, teaware, giftware, textiles and dining accessories that embrace English florals with trend colors and fashion statement pieces. This trendy new concept with Royal Albert brand authenticity is perfect for any room in your house or any gift-giving occasion.


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