Royal Doulton 2018 Christmas Surprise Pretty Woman Figurine
Royal Doulton 2018 Christmas Surprise Pretty Woman Figurine
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Size: H: 8.8" W: 7.5" D: 7.1"

Christmas Surprise, designed by Neil Faulkner, is overcome with happiness as she cuddles the most adorable of festive gifts a charming Labrador puppy. Warmly dressed in a scarlet dress luxuriously trimmed with a deep band of white fur to the off-the-shoulder neckline, cuffed sleeves and the swirling skirt, Christmas Surprises outfit is topped with a Cossack style fur hat. Silver frosted leaf fronds embellished with sparkling sequins are embroidered onto her dress and this delicate decoration is complemented by a platinum necklace. Figurines capture a typical moment in time of the festive season and are often portrayed undertaking a last minute Christmas errand. This years figurine is full of appeal as her Christmas surprise - a Labrador puppy is revealed. This cheery gift is definitely one that will provide many hours of companionship in the years ahead. The rich red tones of her dress are carefully painted by hand by Royal Doultons skilled artists using the popular festive ceramic color Santa Red.

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As evidenced by the name, Royal Doulton enjoys the distinction of a "Royal Warrant" -- a mark of distinction bestowed upon people or companies who have regularly supplied members of the Royal Family with goods or services. Royal Warrants, regarded as a mark of supreme excellence and quality, cannot be bought or sold.

King Edward awarded the first Royal Warrant to Royal Doulton in 1901. The Doulton Company then became The Royal Doulton Company. Presently, the Royal Doulton brand holds two Royal Warrants, the Royal Albert brand holds two Royal Warrants and the Minton brand holds one.