Spiegelau Vino Grande White Wine Set of 4
Spiegelau Vino Grande White Wine Set of 4
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Size: H: 8.3" W: 3", Cap: 12oz

Spiegelau sets the industry standard for high-quality, professional-grade glassware. Combining centuries of expertise with modern techniques, Spiegelau consults highly-respected sommeliers and world-class restaurants to ensure that each glass is designed to enhance your drinking experience. Their Vino Grande collection is perfect for the discerning wine connoisseur: classic, elegant, and always about the wine. Lead-free crystal. Stemmed glassware. Made in Germany. Dishwasher safe. Set of 4 Crystal clarity, classic yet fresh silhouettes, and thoughtful craftsmanship make Spiegelau the top choice for wine experts. This award-winning fine-dining glassware will elevate your home barour best vintage deserves a superior glass.


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