Spiegelau Beer Classics 19.1 oz IPA Glass Set of 6
Spiegelau Beer Classics 19.1 oz IPA Glass Set of 6
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Size: H: 7.32" W: 3.22"

Spiegelau sets the industry standard for high-quality, professional-grade glassware. Combining centuries of expertise with modern techniques, Spiegelau consults highly-respected cicerones and world-class master brewers to ensure that each glass is designed to enhance your drinking experience. Their Craft Beer Glass collection is perfect for the discerning beer connoisseur: stylish, elegant, and equally suitable for formal tasting or the simple pleasure of a good beer at the end of a long day. Lead-free crystal pint glasses. Beer glassware Made in Germany Dishwasher safe Set of 6Crystal clarity, classic yet fresh silhouettes, and thoughtful craftsmanship make Spiegelau the top choice for hospitality experts. This award-winning fine-dining glassware will elevate your home barou deserve a superior glass.


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