Swarovski Elegance Of Africa, Cheetah Head
Swarovski Elegance Of Africa, Cheetah Head
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Size: Height: 8 1/8 inches Width: 2 3/4 inches

This year, the cheetah is presented as the main inspiration for the Elegance of Africa collection. Central to the range is this exceptional sculpture which superbly captures the grace, beauty, and nobility of the iconic animal. Set on a luxurious combination of wood and gold-tone plated metal, the design is crafted in a beige colorway that evokes the warmth of the savannah grasslands. The cheetah's spots are crafted with around 123 black crystals using our Pointiage technique. This symbol of nature could be a lasting statement piece in your home, and can be elegantly combined with previous pieces, including the 2021 Zebra head and the 2022 Elephant head.

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