Waterford Crystal Number One Paperweight
Waterford Crystal Number One Paperweight
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Size: H: 5"

Waterford Crystal is known for it's high quality, Irish, glassware and this paperweight is no exception. A perfect gift to let someone know that they're number one in your life, this paperweight will say it with elegance.

This piece measures 5" tall, with a Waterford mark on the base. It has a diamond cut pattern on one side which reflects the light beautifully. Gift boxed in classic gray Waterford Crystal box.

Hartmans Square Mahogany Wooden Base 4"
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Hartmans Brass Plaque With Engraving 3 1/2"
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Engraving copy - 3 lines - maximum 40 characters per line:
Style:  Script Block
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Waterford Crystal

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