Waterford 2021 Times Square Ball Ornament
Waterford 2021 Times Square Ball Ornament
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Size: H: 3.8" W: 3.0"

The striking Times Square 2021 Ball Ornament from Waterford features intricate diamond and wedge cuts that echo the Gift of Happiness design on the panels of the Times Square New Year Eve Ball. The deep, intricate cuts give this stunning ornament an unrivaled sparkle that will keep it dazzling in your home year after year.

As a Gift of Happiness, it exudes joy, cheer and stirs feelings of sheer contentment within yourself and with the world around you - a welcome reminder of how precious and pleasurable it is to be happy. With a divine diamond-shaped bead, date tag and white Waterford seasonal ribbon, it's the perfect New Year's Eve memento and a special festive collectable.

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