Waterford Crystal, Lismore DOF Tumblers, Boxed Set 5+1 Free
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Size: H: 4.5", Capacity: 12oz.
Waterford Crystal, Lismore Pattern - introduced on October 23, 1952 was created by Mirek Havel. The pattern's simplicity of style remains fresh and balanced 50 years after its introduction. Beloved by three generations of Waterford collectors, Lismore is, indeed, a classic. Lismore takes its name from an ancient village that dates back to the early 7th century. Originally called Lios Mor Mocuda, by the 10th century Lismore has become on of Europe's great centers of learning. Destroyed by the Normans in 1173, Lismore is once again a beautiful village. A prominent feature is Lismore Castle, built by King John in 1185 and the Irish seat of the Duke of Devonshire since 1748.

Waterford Crystal

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