Waterford Lismore Nouveau Decanting Carafe
Waterford Lismore Essence Nouveau Decanting Crystal Carafe
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Size: H: 9" W: 8"
This carafe is ideal for serving and decanting your favorite wine. Accented with straight and wedge cuts. A wonderful gift for weddings or for the wine lover. This item can be monogrammed or engraved.

Purposefully designed to aerate wines prior to serving, this crystal accent piece enhances both white and red wines. Decanting allows wine to attain clarity and color while enabling the flavor to develop. The Decanting Carafe is shaped to achieve most favorable results from the decanting process. The long, slender neck enables the wine to run unreservedly down the sides, while the flared base permits air exposure to a larger surface area of wine. Designed to add casual elegance to everyday use. 60 oz. (or the contents of two standard 750-ml. bottles).

Waterford Crystal

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