Waterford Crystal Pitchers and Carafes - Crystal Classics
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Waterford Crystal, Lismore Crystal Pitcher
Waterford Crystal, Lismore Crystal Pitcher
Item # 9613183400
Waterford Crystal Huntley Juice Pitcher
Waterford Crystal Huntley Juice PitcherSale
Item # 40033508
Now Only $99.00
Waterford Crystal Kelly Wine Carafe
Waterford Crystal Kelly Wine CarafeSale
Item # 40034854
Now Only $89.00
Marquis by Waterford Markham Pitcher
Marquis by Waterford Markham PitcherSale
Item # 40034564
Now Only $79.99
Waterford Crystal, Lismore Ice Bucket
Waterford Crystal, Lismore Ice Bucket
Item # 0483180060
Waterford Crystal, Bolton Wine Carafe
Waterford Crystal, Bolton Wine CarafeSale
Item # 40033704
Now Only $149.99
Marquis by Waterford, Lacey Crystal Ice Bucket
Marquis by Waterford, Lacey Crystal Ice BucketSale
Item # 40030433
Now Only $49.99
Waterford Crystal Lismore Pitcher
Waterford Crystal Lismore PitcherNew
Item # 40033482
Waterford Crystal Ardan Tonn Pitcher
Waterford Crystal Ardan Tonn PitcherNew
Item # 40034584
Marquis by Waterford Moments Carafe
Marquis by Waterford Moments CarafeSale
Item # 40033799

Largest collection of Waterford Crystal pitchers, carafes and ice buckets in patterns such as Lismore, Lismore Diamond, Lismore Essence, Elegance, London, House of Waterford and more. Ideal for iced water, homemade lemonade, wine or fruit punch, the dramatic diamond and wedge cuts of the classic Waterford pitchers accentuate the clarity of whatever liquid you choose to fill it with. The ice buckets are ideal for the library, study, home office or wet bar. Crystal Classics is the largest independent retailer of Waterford Crystal.
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