Waterford Master Craft Copper Coast Hurricane 9", Limited Edition
Waterford Master Craft Copper Coast Hurricane 9", Limited Edition
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Size: H: 8.9" W: 6.2" D: 6.2"

The Copper Coast Master Craft Annual Artisan Piece is a stunning Hurricane 9", hand made in Ireland at the House of Waterford Crystal. The wide central band of tight refracting caro cuts represent the movement of the ocean, which are framed by deep cut rings to symbolize the horizon. Olive cuts at the base reflect the minerals extracted from the rocks by the ancient miners.

Drawing inspiration from the rugged Irish coastline that stretches between Tramore and Dungarvan, now a beautiful scenic area where the copper mining industry thrived in the 19th Century. Stunningly crafted using skills perfected over decades, the Copper Coast collection embodies the Irish tradition for bringing people together making everyday moments special with outstanding crystal design.

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Great Waterford Crystal video featuring the House of Waterford and master craftsmen shaping and cutting sparkling crystal gifts in a traditional manner, by hand.

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