Wedgwood China Blue Pebble Bowl, Single
Wedgwood China Blue Pebble Bowl, Single
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Size: W: 9.6" H: 3.1", Cap: 71oz.

Wedgwood continues to re-imagine Jasperware with the Blue Pebble collection, reinterpreting classic techniques to create one-of-a-kind pieces. Made in England and crafted in signature blue and white Jasper, this Blue Pebble 5" Bowl embodies the notion of taking the beauty of the outdoors and bringing it into the contemporary home. Inspired by natural textures and fluid organic shapes of water washed pebbles, it features a white backdrop with a unique blue brush stroke design that sweeps around the shape, and an elegant, modern silhouette. Beautiful to the eye and tactile to touch, this bowl is sure to transform any living space. Each piece of Blue Pebble will carry the maker mark, a unique product number and PB6465 as a reference to today 21st century Pale Blue Jasper. Presented in a signature Wedgwood blue gift box, offering a unique gift for all occasions

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