Baccarat Crystal Massena Water Glass, Single
Baccarat Crystal Massena Water Glass, Single
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Item# 2814059B
Size: H: 8" W: 4.3"

An essential accessory, in XL format, to bedazzle your guests, the Massena glass showcases Baccarat's meticulous craftsmanship. Deep orgue bevel cuts are etched directly into the Clear crystal, radiating from the foot of the glass to the base of the wide bowl.

This, in turn, puts the smoothness of the upper bowl in sharp relief. The intricate detailing gives the Massena glass the appearance of impressive heft, as if it were a modern-day chalice. The polished silhouette and prismatic qualities make it worthy of any festive occasion or special soirée. The glass is just one component of the iconic Massena bar and tableware collection, which encompasses wine glasses, highball glasses, tumblers, and a decanter. All pieces from the Massena collection share a scrupulously textural quality.

Baccarat Crystal

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