Baccarat Crystal, Oenologie With Handle Crystal Decanter
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Item# 2100403B
Size: H: 13 3/8" Cap: 26.5oz.
The Oenologie Crystal Decanter is a stunning Crystal Carafe in which to decant a young Crystal Wine. Decanting a young Crystal Wine allows its undertones to develop and be savored later: airing it out releases its full flavor. Decanting may also be a fitting option for older Crystal Wine that has yet to reach complete maturity.

The Baccarat Crystal, clear crystal Oenologie Crystal Decanter is not only a vehicle that helps the Crystal Wine achieve its full integrity; it is also a stunningly crafted piece. Its build echoes that of a laboratory volumetric flask, but its functional form is elevated thanks to the exquisite Baccarat Crystal, clear crystal and its exceptional design flourishes. The poise of the slender neck morphs gracefully into the elliptically-shaped base. The stopper crowns the silhouette with a perfectly rounded loop of Baccarat Crystal, clear crystal.

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Baccarat Crystal

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