Baccarat Crystal, Degustation Grand Bordeaux, Boxed Pair
Baccarat Crystal, Degustation Grand Bordeaux, Boxed Pair
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Size: H: 9.625" Cap: 26.5oz.

The refined Grand Bordeaux Crystal Wine glass design focuses the attention on the Crystal Wine, which is at the centre of the Degustation collection's efforts. Sold as a pair, they are the ultimate in pleasure. This sophisticated tasting glass is perfectly suited to the discerning vintage connoisseur.
Extra large and therefore ample, the Crystal Glasses in the Degustation collection allow for an optimal concentration of aromas and an extraction of the richness of the bouquet of Crystal Wines tasted. Specifically developed for oenological tasting, the Bordeaux Crystal Wine Glasses are egg-shaped, whereas a tulip shape enhances Burgundy Crystal Wines.

The Bordeaux region in France produces some of the most expensive red Crystal Wines in the world, including five exceptional premier cru Crystal Wines. The classifications in Bordeaux are producer-driven and bestowed according to chateau.

Baccarat Crystal

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