Baccarat Crystal, Corolle Crystal Vase
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Item# 2101433B
Size: H: 4.5"

The Corolle Crystal Vase showcases a supple, gracefulness silhouette that is at once rounded and gathered. Designed for Baccarat Crystal, by Nicolas Triboulot, the contours of the Crystal Vase have been deftly rendered with subtle twisting, wringing a gentle whorl of gathered motion. The effects of this craftsmanship are all the more prismatic and intricate as they interplay with and refract the light. The Crystal Vase curved form and carefully tucked contours highlight Baccarat Crystal, expertise. The clear crystal is dexterously manipulated into a unique and nuanced piece. The stunning silhouette is crowned with hexagonal rim, which surrounds the fresh flower arrangements therein with a bold, structured shape.

Handcrafted full-lead crystal made in France. Hand wash.

Baccarat Crystal

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