Nambe Metal Gourmet Skoop Dessert Bowls, Pair
Nambe Metal Gourmet Skoop Dessert Bowls, Pair
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Item# MT0668N
Size: 5" x 5 1/2"
Imagine dessert bowls that are as wonderful a surprise as the tasty creations you fill them with. The fun, fanciful Skoop Dessert Set is full of style and bright personality, done up in stainless steel. Chill the bowls ahead of time for use with frozen confections like sherbet or ice cream, or pile in bread pudding or just-picked berries with a dollop of crme fraiche. Each vessel comes with a generously curved spoon, designed to be pleasing to hold, and it rests neatly on the edge of the bowl when your guest is done... or waiting for seconds.

Designed by Karim Rashid.

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