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Cashs Ireland, Blanaid 7" Flared Vase
Cashs Ireland, Blanaid 7" Flared Vase
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Size: H: 7" W: 5.2"

This beautiful trumpet shaped Crystal Vase takes its name from the Gaelic word for flower or blossom which is Blath. The name Blanaid expresses the graceful delicacy of a woman often associated with the beauty of flowers. This tall elegant Crystal Vase with its narrow waist and flared top is perfectly formed to hold and display even the most delicate bouquet. The cut pattern used accentuates the lines of the Crystal Vase where upright cuts on the foot are carried onto the Crystal Vase before fanning out into a trellis-like diamond design. This continues upward to the rim where it merges with a series of fanned and inverse rosettes that culminate in a simple but beautifully hand cut top. Whether it is displayed on its own, or as intended, crowned with natures gift of flowers the Blanaid Crystal Vase by Cashs Ireland, will bring joy and light to any home.

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Cashs Video - Success Is Measured at the End of the Day

Amazing new video by Cashs Ireland featuring intertwined modern world with that of the crystal craftsmen of Ireland creating timeless Cooper crystal barware. Success comes together at the end of the day, when the modern world comes to stop and to enjoy the product of centuries old craft, Cashs Crystal, timeless for it's beauty and elegance. (79 sec.)

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