Cashs Crystal
Cashs Ireland, Annestown Large Brandy, Cognac, 1+1 Free
Cashs Ireland, Annestown Large Brandy, Cognac, 1+1 Free
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Size: H: 5.5", Capacity: 15oz
A short stemmed glass and generous bowl allows for maximum aroma of the brandy to circulate throughout thus heightening the taste through the sense of smell. Swirling your favorite brandy or cognac generates a more intense tasting experience creating the ultimate sophistication in sipping. Holds approximately 15 ounces.

Annestown is a small seaside village situated on one of the most beautiful stretches of Ireland's Copper coast. Sharp fissured basalt, sparkling sea, and salt spiced air are the inspiration for this fresh new pattern. The design is created by a series of diagonal and horizontal cuts that form the base of the pattern. Keen but pleasing to the touch, it has the quality of the rocky coastline that inspired it. Rising from this are rosette sprays interlaced with finer cuts that merge with clear crystal reminiscent of the sea, churned to surf that ascends back to the heavens creating a sparkling unity that can only be matched by sunshine reflecting off the ocean surface.

Designed in Waterford, Ireland.

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