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Cashs Ireland, Cooper Large Brandy, Cognac Glasses, 1+1 Free
Cashs Ireland, Cooper Large Brandy, Cognac Glasses, 1+1 Free
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Size: H: 5 1/2", 15oz.
A short stemmed glass and generous bowl allows for maximum aroma of the brandy to circulate throughout thus heightening the taste through the sense of smell. Swirling your favorite brandy or cognac generates a more intense tasting experience creating the ultimate sophistication in sipping.

When the Vikings invaded Waterford they appreciated its strategic value as a major trading port for goods and merchandise, a role it continues to play to this day. A lot of goods, both dry and wet, were shipped by barrel and a healthy barrel making industry developed in the Waterford area. Barrel makers or coopers as the trade was known continued their craft right up to the twentieth century. In designing the Cooper Large Crystal Brandy Glasses, Martin Croke invokes the memory of the craftsmen and the part they played in Waterford Ireland's history. Horizontal bands of tight diamond cutting represent the metal hoops that bind a barrel holding it secure

Designed by Martin Croke in Waterford, Ireland. Handmade.

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