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Cashs Ireland Grand Cru Champagne Flutes, Pair
Cashs Ireland Grand Cru Champagne Flutes, Pair
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Item# 25929C
Size: H: 10 1/4" Cap: 8oz.

Cashmere like lightness is combined with hand made quality to create a firm and durable product with incredible sparkle. Lead free and dishwasher safe. The top rim of the glass is hand cut and polished to perfection.

The tall and elegant shape of the hand made Cashs Grand Cru Vintage Champagne glasses is complemented with the perfectly polished sides of the sparkling glass, designed to showcase the world's finest vintage champagne.

Recommended for: Champagne, Prosecco, Cuve Prestige, Rose Champagne, Vintage Champagne, Vintage Sparkling Wine.

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Cashs Video - Success Is Measured at the End of the Day

Amazing new video by Cashs Ireland featuring intertwined modern world with that of the crystal craftsmen of Ireland creating timeless Cooper crystal barware. Success comes together at the end of the day, when the modern world comes to stop and to enjoy the product of centuries old craft, Cashs Crystal, timeless for it's beauty and elegance. (79 sec.)

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