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Cashs Ireland Sterling Silver Celtic Cross Necklace With Claddagh Green Stone
Cashs Ireland Sterling Silver Celtic Cross Necklace With Claddagh Green Stone
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Size: 18"
Drawing inspiration from Ireland's rich past and unique icons Cashs Jewelry uses centuries old craftsmanship. Designers create each piece in the knowledge of its role as a reminder of a visit to Irish shores or a persons cultural heritage.

Standing tall in the landscape. Rooted in the Irish soil. And yet reaching for the sky. Since early times, the Celtic Cross has marked sacred places all over Ireland.
For all who wear it, it is a powerful symbol of faith. In doing so, we remember the precious heritage of Ireland. This land that has always been the home of saints and scholars.

This beautiful necklace combines the tradition of the celtic cross with a symbolic claddagh design. The whisper of romance lingers within every Claddagh. A gift of Love, Loyalty and Friendship, crafted in Ireland.
Once upon a time, so the story goes, a young Irish sailor was captured and sold into slavery. Far from his native land, he held the memory of his sweetheart deep in his heart. He never forgot her. Years later, on his safe return to Galway his gift to her was a Claddagh ring. Forged with the skills he had learnt during his imprisonment, it was a token of his enduring love. With these hands I give you my heart, and I crown it with my love.

Hands represent a pledge of friendship.
Heart represents a pledge of love.
Crown represents a pledge of loyalty.
This symbol originated in Galway, Ireland.

All Cashs Jewelry is gift boxed in an elegant, high quality black velvet hinged jewelry presentation box.

Handmade in Ireland.

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