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Cashs Ireland, St. Patrick Connemara Marble Round Bead Rosary
Cashs Ireland, St. Patrick Connemara Marble Round Bead Rosary
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Size: 22"
Each bead on this Rosary is made from Genuine Connemara Marble which is found only in the Connemara Mountains in the West of Ireland, and dates back 900 million years to the pre-Cambrian period.

Few things reflect the beauty of creation more strongly than the deep, and varied greens of Connemara Marble, found only in a small corner of Irelands Atlantic seaboard.These Rosary Beads, hand made in Dublin from marble cut at County Galway quarry, are part of a long tradition in Irish Rosary Beads.

The first Irish Rosaries were made by monks of the great settlements like Cashel, Clonmacnoise and Glendalough. Using the horns of animals, they fashioned beads of natural beauty and simple strength.
Their strength in particular put them much in demand in medieval Europe, where the rosary was a widely observed meditation, and personal link with the Creator.

These beads continue that tradition, combining natural beauty with practical strength. Carry them with you, and tranquillity will never be far away.
Handmade in Ireland. Please note: Due to being a natural marble, the colors may vary in shade from the image shown.

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