Cashs Crystal
Cashs Crystal Art Collection, Cathedral Biscuit Barrel with Lid
Cashs Crystal Art Collection, Cathedral Biscuit Barrel with Lid
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Size: H 6" W 4 1/4"

You dont have to look very far in Ireland to discover a religious building imbued with history and intrigue. Such abundance is no surprise in a country that for centuries was a stronghold of Christianity in Europe. From small beginnings, when a man called Patrick plucked his shamrock and banished the snakes, religion flourished throughout the island. Pioneering saints like Brigid, Kevin and Comgall followed, establishing monasteries of international repute. Over the centuries, and despite waves of Viking, Norman and Cromwellian interruption, Irelands abbeys, churches and cathedrals blossomed. The Cashs Cathedral Biscuit Barrel pays homage to the stunning architecture of these cathedrals.

Handmade in Waterford, Ireland.

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Cashs Crystal Tradition

Since 1976 Cashs of Ireland has been synonymous with fine crystal and gifts, all fashioned in traditional ways by skilled Irish craftsmen.

For generations, these Irish craftsmen have passed their knowledge of the ancient art of crystal making and cutting from father to son. Cashs artisans have dedicated their lives to their craft, and their city of Waterford, Ireland. Cashs Crystal is hand cut, where possible, and polished to perfection according to centuries old techniques.

Inspired by Nature

Talented designers draw inspiration from Ireland's rich history and beautiful countryside. They translate the rolling green foothills, walled remnants of ancient cities, and magnificent seaside into stunning art. Cashs designers bring to life these textures and patterns of Ireland with unique and exquisite detail.

Both designer and craftsman pour their talents into each piece as a handmade testament to their artistry and respect for nature.

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