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Cashs Ireland, Hawthorne Fairy 8" Tulip Crystal Vase
Cashs Ireland, Hawthorne Fairy 8" Tulip Crystal Vase
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Size: 8"

The Hawthorne Fairy pattern was inspired by the mystical flora found all over Ireland. The Hawthorne tree is considered a fairy tree in Ireland. This tree is a favorite meeting place for fairies, a belief dating back to the mist of pre-Celtic history. In Spring, when the Hawthorne is in full bloom, the belief is that the fairies are happy!
To avoid making fairies angry, no Irish farmer will ever cut the tree down.

Everywhere your path may lead in Ireland, the Hawthorne trees line the road. They are guardians along your journey. Blooming in May many use this beautiful flower for wedding ceremonies as an emblem of hope, strength and fertility.
Perfect crosscuts resembling two paths uniting bringing deeper meaning to this wonderful pattern. The blooms that reach for the top of the pattern evoke the happiness of spring and fertility.
Hawthorne in full bloom on Cashs Ireland, pieces will bring good luck to the home year round!

Includes Cashs Ireland, brochure with Hawthorne Fairy story.

Handmade in Ireland.

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